Me and Thank you!


My name is Eliška Antošová – just Eli ;) , I was born and live in Prague, the Czech Republic. After very short time in Norway I had realized how difficult Czech language is and that many people have problem with my name so I’ve started to introduce me just “Eli” and I like it ;)

I love everything connected with Nature and  Outdoor activies…so study Outdoor education in Norway was the best choice. :) Now I am so grateful for this opportunity…

It was amazing half of year full of experiences and experience, beautiful + amazing nature and friendships. For me this time have meant a lot of…. Because before I really struggled with English and some couldn’t imagine that I could study in different language. It was reason why I ve decided to apply for Erasmus and combine things which I love with challenge. Moreover, I think that now English is very important because you can communicate with people from almost all world and listen their ideas, opinions, points of view, getting to know about their culture and discuss whatever and this is imporatnt for me and for our civilization as well. So I would like to say THANK YOU! All people who organize this exchange studies, all teacher who teach international students – here my “thank” belongs Len “Thank you Len for everything” and all people who attend these programs and make this time unforgettable and more open-minded …I hope this is way for better future.

“Believe yourself”