Fjell fjord: canoe, cycle, climb

Fjell fjord: canoe, cycle, climb 02-05.05

During this trip we were getting basic skills, experience(s) and knowledge about canoeing, cycling and climbing.


The trip started by canoeing from Bygland. First day we learnt some basic techniques – control our boat, turn our boat, paddling forward/backward etc. Kyle and Eloise lead our group. Afterwards we continue to the island where we were sleeping. During way, we were practising the navigation. Before cooking the dinner, we practised more our paddling skills. For example, we tried to steer canoe by ourselves. This day we were learning: – Paddle: grip the paddle with one hand on top and the other a few feet down – Maintain a low centre of gravity to balance in the canoe – If you are paddling by yourself, sit in the back (stern) with your gear at the front (bow) so you will be able to steer the boat. – Paddling Forward/Backward – Paddling with partner:

  • Person is called bowman (front)/sternman (back)
  • When paddling as a team, you want to synchronize your strokes (start and finish them at the same time) to get maximum power. Since the bowman is facing forward and can’t see the sternman, the bowman sets the pace.
  • Let the sternman handle steering
  • Synchronize your side-switching to travel in a straight line
  • For better keeping direction look at farther point

Steering canoe:

  • Paddle on one side continuously for gentle turns
  •  ”J” strokes for more controlled turns
  • Forward/Reverse sweep
  • Carving Off-Side Turn
  • Bow draw, bow rudder
  • Draw stroke
  • Pushover stroke

In the end of this short lesson Richard and Timi tried to move the canoe only by movements of their body (up and down) without paddles – it was very funny :) We were so lucky with weather (against the first group) so nobody built shelter and we were sleeping only under the sky. I like Elouise’s style how she climbs to her hammock :)

In the morning me, Timi, Richard and Flo went swimming to the river. It was very short swimming because of very cold water. Then we continued by canoe and during way practised the navigation. For me it was first experience with orientation from the water surface. I have realized that’s quite difficult…”you can’t see all islands and landscape is opening before you by your movement forward.”

In the afternoon, we finished our trip in Evje, where we left canoes. Almost everybody joined for rafting, which had been ordered in TrollAktiv. Rafting was fun, we had great instructors who know what they do. I think everybody was excited and had unforgettable experience. After rafting and dinner me,Timi, Richard, Bowen, Hanna decided for short biketour (similar to singletrack in the Czech Republic). It was great the bike tracks are very good and entertaining. Afterwards we played games (typical for this semester – Wizards).


In the morning, we went by bicycle to the place, where we were climbing and camping. It was nice place next to the lake. Except climb up we learnt to abseil as well.(Abseiling – by using two ropes is capable for beginners, who are frightened…) Len showed us system when you create several fix points for setting up a top rope using just one rope. For sleep, we found nice place at the top of the rock.


In the morning, we left our climbing and sleeping stuff under tarp in the forest and went to by bicycle to Kristiansand. For me the way back by bicycle wasn’t difficult but some of us little struggle with cycling. We passed some tunnels, where you can’t see anything, it was little adventure. On the way back we stopped in the sweet-shop and each of us bought cake – were delicious and it was sweet end of this trip.



Canoeing TV –

Abseiling by using prusik.