Sea and Coastline Trip – Randøya

Sea and Coastline Trip – Coastal course Randøya 28.05-02.06 

This course contains many activities associated with sea such as: fishing (nets and fishing road), shallow and deep-water biology, boat and sea knowledge, sea kayak, rowing and island night. For me this course was definitely something new because we don’t have a sea in the Czech Republic. During this course we were taught by four teachers Len, Kjetil, Ketil and Svein. Each of them was in charge of different activity, which might be little bit boring for them. Nevertheless, it was perfect for us. We were divided into four groups and mix with Norwegian students. Every day we had two activities.

Shallow biology – was very interesting. We used special clothes (wading pants) which is waterproof and enables us went to the deeper water and collected animals and plants from the sea. For collecting samples from the bottom, we used other special equipment: plastic boxes, small metal nets and book of sea species. Afterwards we identified our samples. In water and during we found:

  • swallowtail, which migrate to Spain
  • wild strawberries
  • ants
  • some fish (I don’t remember the names) – crabs (male and female are recognized by genitals which are hidden under tail – males have two penis and females have two holes)
  • oysters (be careful – norovirus-like illness associated with consuming raw oysters)
  • shrimps/prawns
  • sea snails
  • sea weeds (we can use the key for identification, some of them have tissue with bubbles filled by air; one bubble = one year)

This lecture was also more about food and I tried to eat: ant, oyster, snails (which were cooked for 5 mins, some seaweeds and some plants – it wasn’t bad. The teacher also offered us “pee ant juice” (you put stick to the anthill and ants pee on it) but I didn’t try maybe I should…so next time. I think the application about areas, which was checked and there are safe for collection of animals as food, is very useful.




Deep water biology – In this activity we used wetsuit with hook + shoes and gloves, weight, mask, snorkel and fins. We were snorkelling close to coast. We collected our samples in the net sacks. I expected poorer underwater world in Norway. I saw a lot of fish (different kinds), jellyfish (different kinds), starfishes and many of seaweeds and I found sea slug.






Night on the island – Unforgettable experience! We could take with us only daily sack and two tarps for all group (Not sleeping bag, sleeping mat) We got some food: potatoes, carrots and onion and let’s go to the island. Next we received fishing rods and fishing nets. We had to set up the nets during the way to the island.

We had to go on the island by rowboat. The wind was very strong and almost nobody from us haven’t had experience with this type of boat. From this reason, almost everybody struggled with movement of the boat in right direction. Our boat reached the island as first. We were waiting for others and after all group continued by discovering of island. We were looking for suitable place where we could build shelters. Finally, we found two places and we decided where we stayed by drew lots. In the evening, some of us collected woods or played games or collected woods. I did all. My last evening activity was fishing. I’ve never tried fishing before. I lend fishing rot from Norwegian boy, who explained me how use it. I was so lucky because after some time I caught my first fish :D . I was so surprised and excited. I couldn’t kill the fish because I didn’t know how to do it. So the Norwegian boy killed the fish (“by hits of fist to the head”).Then I also collected some mussels and finally we had five fishes and a lot of muscles.

The Norwegian boy show me how to remove guts and prepare filets and I prepared fish which I caught. We share all food together. We flavored and packed fillets to alobal and put to the fire. Mussels were cooked in the sea water. Finally, mainly me and Max ate the mussels. Both dinner fish and mussels were delicious. The night was rainy and in my opinion cold as well, I didn’t sleep well, I think that I almost didn’t sleep, but others slept quite good. We left the island around seven, pulled up the nets and came back to our accommodation. After the arrival, we had to clean the nets. Our net was full of the sea weeds therefore it took much time to clean the net. Finally, we caught some fish see the picture, prepared fillets from them and stored for the dinner….Our dinner was excellent! We made fish soup from apple juice (instead wine), vegetable, milk cream and water from boiled fish. Next, we fried fish and did Bbq. I could eat this every day :) …(some information about fish…”fish with longer jaw, its poison and you have to put affected part to hot water”).



























Navigation and big boat – In this task, we went on the trip by “speed boat”. We practised the navigation and we tried to ride the boat. We mentioned what we need for trip on this boat (life jackets – support your weight and size; approved by U.S. Coast Guard; drink, food, signalization, light, map + compass, GPS, ropes, anchor, equipment for rescue, fuel, spare clothes, “radio signal”,batteries…) as well. It was fun, sometimes our speed was high and when we passed the waves we were splashed by water.








Rowing – I was surprised about my rowing’s skills. I like it so much. We were on the trip around island with small break. It’s important rowing with the same time (synchronized movement) with your partner; rowing with straight arms and bend your arm in the last step (“Kick the water”); it’s possible rowing both sides (backwards and forwards) but mainly you sit back to direction of your way; if you want to turn your boat left and sit back in direction, kick water on the right side more.




Sea kayak – technique – during this lesson some of us tried to lead our group and taught some skills and paddle techniques.

Sea kayak – tour – We made small trip between islands and each of us tried to navigate our group for some time.

Own evening sea kayak tour day before. Me, Emma, Simon, Max, Timi, Mel and Katherin we made small evening trip on sea kayaks with fishing. It was nice and fun. We visited group on the island and tried fishing from kayak raft. Btw I capsized two times and It wasn’t my fault…maybe second time when I capsized because of high five with Timi.

I enjoyed this trip, a lot of things was new for me (because we don’t have sea), I appreciate possibility to spend this course with Norwegian students who taught us some skills and told with us. Thanks to this opportunity we could get know more about Norwegian way of live ;) .