Student organised field trip III: “Girls trip” Lindesnes – Light house + Frafjord + Kjerag + Flekkefjord

Girls trip: Lindesnes – Light house + Frafjord + Kjerag + Flekkefjord

This trip was self organized. First time four girls started to organize. Finally, only tree attended. Our plan was to visit Light house (first day), Frafjord (first + second day), Kjerag (third day), Flekkefjord (fourth day). We rent the car, bouhgt enough food :) , packed stuff for hiking, printed the maps and “Lets go to the trip!”

First day – finally only tree girls attended this trip. Flo was our driver during all trip. I realized again that when I come back to the CR I have to gain driving license. Our first point was Lindesnes – Light house. This place was nice and we enjoyed it. After we continued to Frafjord. Because the weather was nice and the sunset is about eight o’clock (in this place and time) we decided to continue in our plan to visit Månafossen falls. I enjoyed this place more because of power of nature presented by amazing waterfall. Before sunset, we found very nice place for camping and sunset enjoyed with good meal and relax.

Second day – our plan for today was hike in Frafjord. The first part was difficult – very steep and difficult for orientation – we very often lost main path marked by signs “T”. We had to also struggle with some obstacles: For example the stream from melting snow, which crossed the main path was so strong and we couldn’t continue in our way. In few seconds I had idea that we should try to cross the stream by barefoot. Ladies agreed with my suggestion. So adventure started. I went first, the water was very cold and somewhere icy occurred but finally I successfully crossed the stream. After I helped girls and finally everybody successfully crossed the stream and we could continue in our way. When we reached the top we saw white landscape. I think the spring hike in Norway is about start in spring continue to winter and come back to spring :) . The snow on the top was wet and the walk was difficult so our way took more time than we had expected. This trip was for me important because of navigation. We had problem with finding the signs in snow cover and there weren’t some sticks as during our the snowholes trip. So we had to used only map and believed in our decision ;) . During this hike we didn’t any problem although finally it took something about eight hours through very difficult terrain with snow condition. I was positively surprised by abilities of the girl. This evening we also planed to go by car to Kjerag. I was surprised during way by car because there were still place with lot of snowand I saw some track of  randone ski (I was excited because I felt love with this sport during our Easter trip). We were enjoying view from window when suddenly the barrier on the road appeared before us. “What is it? Really?” We didn’t understand the way to Kjerag was closed! Sadly! First we were surprised, angry and disappointed. Otherwise the positive mood was back in few minutes and we started laughing. It was so stupid, there wasn’t any sign about closed road to Kjerag. So we accepted that we couldn’t go to Kjerag and we decided to continue to Flekkefjord. It was so late and dark, everybody started to be tired. In one moment I almost felt asleep and I set next driver – Flo, who was tired as well. The continuation was danger so we decided that we had to find some place for camping as soon as possible. Finally, we parked our car in some small free place next to road…yep it was really emergency place for sleep…

Third day – In the morning we had fast breakfast and then we continued to Flekkefjord. The was so bad – heavy rain. So we decided to go for coffee and cake. During time with coffee we were discussing what’s next. The best ides seemed to visit cave closed to Flekkefjord. We were so lucky with weather because when we arrived to start point of hike to cave, the weather began to be better. The hike to cave seemed easier than was. The way wasn’t easy and we had problem with finding sings again. I decided to try the way which looked right alone because it was very steep. After a few metres I saw the steel sticks which meant the right way. I called girls that they could go. Yes it was really right way with quite difficult climbing down through small steel sticks on the rock and everything was wet. First time Flo was little scary and she wasn’t sure about her abilities to go down by this way. I tried to support her and help her mainly for first part. I think than she became more confident and she climbed down all way. Well done! We were successfully with our climbing down and finding cave as well. It was small cave but nice place for take the pictures :) . The climbing up and way back were without problem. Because of the weather we decided to come back to Kristiandsand this evening…

Main ponts:

I was very surprised about our positive atmosphere during all our trip. Good mood occurred during all trip even though I think that our tracks were difficult, road to Kjerak was closed and weather wasn’t perfect as well. Next I was really surprised about abilities both girls. Because my problem is that sometimes I need more challenge hike with some adventure and more difficult (distance, profile) for my “inner” enjoyment. And I really enjoyed this trip, I found challenge during navigation, to cross the stream and climbing as a first. I was also happy with helping girls to cross stream and climbing down. For example, I was very happy when Flo decided to continue in climbing down after my help and support. Yes I didn’t want to convince her, only support because I supposed (my observation and evaluation of situation) that she could climb down and saw the cave. Finally, she was also happy that she has done it!

Group dynamic – If I compare this trip to next self organized trips according to the group dynamic – I think it was the best self organized trip. We supported each other, we were happy that we dealt with our quite difficult hikes successfully which contributed to better group cohesion.