1st Monday trip 16.01.

Typical family tour in local area

We all met up in front of a Spicheren entrance at 9am on Monday. It was sunny day. We hit the road to Jegersberg. The goal of our trip was Den omvendte bat close to Oddersja. The path was so icy and a move on the icy patches on the roads was funny and danger. Sometimes it looks like an ice climbing.

When we came to the Den omvendte bat we made the fire only by flint and steel band and after started cooking food. For this time I’d already prepared banana with chocolate – finally :D It was so delicious! The Norwegian students offered us dough and cheese with caramel. You had to fix the dough on stick and roast it on fire. After you put cheese on done dough and ate :D …delicious again!

After finishing our food, we played games together with Norwegian students. The first game is in the Czech Republic known as “Mrazík” (Frost). It’s type of chase game. There were 3 guys who were chasing the others. Then the rules were changed – who was frozen became the Frost but it lasted only for short time. Because then snow fight started spontaneously :D …and this game we spent more time… After snow fight, we played the other two games. The first one was Hide and Seek. In the Czech Republic known as “Na schovávanou”. The second one was game which I haven’t known yet. In this game one person close his/her eyes and counts (for example from 20 to 0) and others in this time have to touch the person and hide. After person who count open eyes and look for others but without movement. If he sees somebody, this person will be out of game. Next time the rules are same…just the main person counts only to 19 and after 18…etc. It was so funny game. We enjoyed so much…watch the video :) And I definitely will use this game in my life ;)

Typical family tour in local area. It was nice to see how Norwegian people spent together their time in nature – outdoor in winter. They make a fire and roast sausages…it’s a typical for their leisure time even in winter. It’s a different from the Czech Rep. I can’t imagine that people from a city/town/village go out – make fire and roast sausages in winter :) …That’s a pity! I should suggest this idea in the Czech Rep.

Group dynamic I think that…