2nd Monday trip 23.01.

2nd Monday trip 23.01.

Team building activities

Second monday trip was focused on Team building activities.

We were divided into several groups with Norwegian students. Our group contained two norwegian students and three students from our groups. We participated a few team building activities.

The first one was about rescue a person. We had to make something and carried one tallest person from our group. We used wooden sticks and a tarp. It was difficult because our tallest person was really heavy :D . In this task we were last but cooperation was good. I think that we had somewhat disadvantage because in our group we were three girls and two boys.

Next task was about cooking competition. Who, will cook egg first. We had a little problem with making fire but it wasn’t about cooperationin our group. Maybe we used wetter woods…next we used dried, grass, cotton and I also used tampon – it contains a lot of cotton wool… And finally made the fire and cooked the egg :D







The last part contained four parts:

a) Competition of carrying stones on time – two teams had to carry four stones “there and back” by relay. We have 5 minutes and do this…

b) Learning of Norwegian song – we had to learn Norwegian song “Jeg gikk en tur i skogen” It was fun but learning song without text was difficult for me…

c) Memory task – we had (I think 5 minutes) to remember several things on the tarps.

d) Alphabet by nature – we had to find nature things and their first letters had to cover all English alphabet.

In the end it was performance. Every group had to sing the Norwegian song and tried to be the most creative.

Main Points

-I think that we had good group. We enjoyed this day and we didn’t think about the competition. For me was very difficult to learn Norwegian song. I released how difficult is to learn song in different language without text. Next I also realised which things are useful for making fire…dried grass, chips of woods, cotton material etc. Regarding group dynamic it was fine that we were in our group with Melanie because before this I haven’t speaked or interacted so much with Mel. :) We enjoyed nice day!