3nd Monday trip 30.01.

3nd Monday trip 30.01.

Map, compass and navigation 

3nd Monday trip was focused on Map, compass and navigation

We were again divided into groups with Norwegian students. This time I wasn’t with my Czech friend Eva. Our group was consisted from Norwegian students, me and one boy from our group Bowen. Norwegian students prepared again a few different tasks.

  • The first task was about navigation. We had to find five places on the map. The start wasn’t good for our group. We were at the bad place but we didn’t about this…so we spent a lot of time at this bad place and looked for some label. After we decided to continue to next place but we a little problem with navigation. In Norway and this forest contains many cliffs and for me it was very difficult to recognize the right cliff. Fortunately we met the other group and they gave us advice where we were exactly. After this we didn’t problem with navigation and we found other places with labels. In navigation we were last but we again didn’t think about competition… We were lucky that we found other places and we talked about lot of things together – and were getting more know each other :) Because we were last in the navigation we had only
    three letters and we had to compose by them the most words…
  • Next task I call life “piškvorky” (we have the same game in the CR and this was their life version :) and I think more funny version). We competed in two teams and everybody had a thing which had to put on the playing field and after moved it. Organization was by relay-race.
  • Next task was focused on markers on the map. We had to assign pictures to descriptions (labels) in 5 minutes
  • Next task was fun. We have to ran around the stick 10times and after threw stone to the buckets.
  • Last task was about navigation but in different way – inner compass. We had “tie eyes” – we were blind and we had to turned our body to North, South, East or West under instruction.

Announcement of the winners

Our group was last. But I think that we have bad luck :D . Our cooperation was good. We supported each other and we enjoyed these games. I was also happy that I was getting know more other Norwegian students and Bowen :) . Maybe we didn’t be so good in navigation and recognition of the marks on the map but everybody from us practised this and next time it will be better :) . And I’ll really use some of these games in the future in the summer camp ;)

Group dynamic…