4th Monday trip 20.02.


4th Monday trip 20.02. – Navigation

This Monday trip was first organized by our group – international students : ) We also met up at the Spicheren but it was surprise that nobody from Norwegian students came. After we realized that they had holiday :) . So never mind…topic of this Monday was navigation. So I wasn’t organizer and I attended this course as a participant. We went to Jegesberg again :) where we were divided into group by draw – we draw a label with animal and we had to make sound of this animal and found our partner. My animal was dolphin and my partner was Max. After Simon – organizer realized that four in one group will be better for us. So I was in group with Max, Flo and Berit. We got a map but this map was so difficult…without paths only with coutures and some cliffs. So we had very big problem to find places. In conclusion we found two places and came back as a last group. Others didn’t find anything. Our cooperation was good. We tried to split up and search the space…we also agreed with the place where we were but very often we only guessed because to orientate only according to coutures was very difficult.

So I think good idea but next time I should use easier map and also better marks for places (it was only plastic bag – so It was also very difficult to see it) But our friends realized it and they also apologize for this…;)

“Mistakes have the power to turn you into something better than you were before” ;)