5th Monday trip 27.02.

5th Monday trip 27.02. – “Power Test”

This Monday trip was last organized by Norwegian students. The topic was “power test”

The test contained four tasks:
1. In the first task we had to carry people. It was quite difficult because terrain was very steep and wet. Cooperation in our group was good.

2. In the second task we had to built tepee. This task was difficult for cooperation because almost anybody didn’t know how tepee built. Fortunately one Norwegian girl know very well how tepee built and she gave us instructions.

3. In the third task we had to fill a bottle by water which we could carry from lake but only by mouth and hands… I like this game – it was fun and water from Lake tested good :-)

4. The last task was about relay with stones and we played this game on one Monday trip before.

Main Points:

I think good preparation. I’ll use some tasks in the future for example in our summer camp. Our cooperation was good without problem. We supported each other and we enjoyed the competitive atmosphere :)