7th Monday trip 13.03.

7th Monday trip 13.03.

This Monday trip was second organized by our group. We were also in the same place in the Jegesberg as before. We were divided into four groups and organizers prepared for us four games:

  1. First was focused on warm up – we absolved relay – everybody had to move around sticky (for example by run, jump etc.) and passed the baton.

  2. In the second task we had to build shelter.

  3. In third task we had to hide one person from our group in the marked place. Goal of this game is: Who will be found as the last – become the winner.

Unbelievable we won both part (relay + shelter) + (hidden person) of the game and we got two chocolate :D . It was my first victory.

Main points:
We have good participants in our group. Everybody was keen on playing games. We support each others. Maybe we won because of these reasons. On the other hand I don’t think that I had less cooperation and support in my groups before. But maybe in this group participants have good skills, experience and abilities and they were more keen on and enthusiastic. In addition, in our group dominated good combination of mood (atmosphere): fun, competitive, support, organization and of course cooperation. Moreover, I felt the other factor which could participate on our victory. During weekend we were in Holmenkollen and a lot of people from our international group were tired and also weather wasn’t good during Monday. I mean that everybody from our group wanted to stay home – in a bed and motivation for this people could be difficult, whereas Max and me didn’t problem with fatigue and motivation :)