Overnight field trip Jegersberg

Overnight field trip Jegersberg

This “bigger” trip was first organized by school :)

Before trip we had a lecture about – what we should take with us for overnight sleeping in nature, how to organize our stuff in our bag and for example which bag is good – what advantages/disadvantages are. So useful points: – use a rain cover, use rubbish bag (avoid metal can – it’s a rubbish), sleeping bag and spare clothes should be in waterproof bag, FOOD (easy, fast – good option is precooked food, without water – you find water or use the snow, enjoyable), don’t carry water – you find snow (1 m snow = 1 cm water), vaseline – has to be without water – in winter it freezes…and also when you use inflatable sleeping mat…one solution is to use

How to organise your stuff in your bag: When you pack your stuff, you first put things which you need as last. Heavy things you put close to your back – (main”skeleton”of bag). You should easy find: First aid kit, snack, head torch battery, sun glasses, snow goggles (more important), hat, gloves, repair kit = store these stuff in available pockets. On the top of your bag you can put waterproof stuff…

Storm kitchen – really good – very fast, 1 bootle of red liquid is for 4 days, don’t put liquid direct to…(“explosion”…), regulator

We came together to Jegesberg with equipment for overnight sleeping (tars, tent, FOOD ;) , stone kitchen). Firstly we built shelters. Most of us built shelter from tarps but we (4 girls) preferred tent because we didn’t have bivak and whether was so wet.

After, building shelter we played national games. Students from the same country had to prepare group dynamic tasks for others.Thise games should be focused on group dynamic – activated whole group, physical, psychological and be FUN.

  • England A – this game I called “CHICKEN”. This is very active, cooperative and very fun game. I played this game in the Czech Republic but only once. In this game one team throw chicken and after one person from team runs around all team. Second team run in the direction of the throw, after make a line and carry chicken from first person to the last person.
  • England B – Simon say…This game was little boring. I think this game isn’t good for cooperation in the group. Maybe for warm up. You repeat ONLY what Simon say…
  • Australia – In the first time we played something similar to “molecules” People are moving until organizer say number and which parts of body have to be joined. In the second time we were divided onto two groups (lines). One lines is (for example white) and second (for example black). If organizer say “black” people from black line have to escape behind rope and people from white line try to catch them.
  • Switzerland – Swiss chocolate :) In this game we had to accomplish tasks (parts of body which can touch the ground, estimate 20 seconds, build tower from wooden sticks and do a wheelbarrow :) If you accomplished task as a first, you could start to eat chocolate but first you have to wear hat, goggles, gloves :) and you can eat chocolate only by fork and knife.
  • Germany A – We were devided into two groups. People draw lots the disability (blind, wheelchair, twins, broken arm). By the circle from the rope = island – we had to move from one place to other place. (I was wheelchair user so I couldn’t move and I was carried by Jorge :D )
  • Germany B – We were divided into two teams. We used something as a chessboard and we had to find the way only by right and wrong attempts. One person could go until organizer said “wrong field”. We could move only to forward and diagonal. This game was more strategic.. One person could go until organizater said “wrong field”. We could move only to forward and diagonal. This game was more strategic.
  • Finland – blind train – We were in line (hold each other like a train) and we were blind only last person could see. We agreed the signals for – go, stop, right, left, jump and last person who could see to sent this signal :D . We had to move from one place to other through slalom.
  • The Czech Republic – WE – prepared game for fun, warm up and cooperation (relay with apple and cone and hole from rope) we prepared more games but we don’t have enough time…

I think that almost all games (maybe except Simon say..) can be used as game for increase cohesion of group. For me the blind train, black and white line and strategic game were new and I really want to use this game in our summer or winter camp :) )

Cook competition

Eventually, me and Eva won (the best games) so we could choose the best ingredients for cooking. We chose a salmon and rise and we had only 30 minutes for preparation the food. But we used only my cooker and no storm kitchen which is faster. Eventually we were on time :) and everybody enjoy all food. I think Germans won ;)

It good to know that it is possible to cook good meal only in 30 minutes. It is useful to use (buy) precooked food (rice, pasta, couscous – couscous is possible to use no precooked + hot water…) Very good and fast is storm kitchen. So use easy and fast way how to cook the good meal ;)

After the cook competition we continued in the cooking :) ) and played our favourite game…