Student organised field trip I – Tromsø :)


First: Planing trip

This was our first self organized trip – we (two Czech and two Germany girls) chose Tromsø. So we had to make a plan about our trip. We used route card from Len where we had to mentioned our trip (time, distance, general direction, height climbed, time for rest etc.)….I planed trip to Nordfjellet ….I counted average speed 3-4 km/hod + 20 minutes for 100 m height. I used webpages:;;;;;

First day – we spent on ski tracks close to our accommodation. It was nice ski evening.

Second day – our plan was trip to Nordfjellet. But we have to changed our plan. Because of when we reached edge of the forest, we realized that ski track finished. We were thinking about to make own track and went up but we had to cross stream and we weren’t sure that we could. So we decided to go back and reached second top – Fjellstua (more touristic attractive place with cableway and restaurant). We were going up in deep snow, made own track, sometimes it was very difficult so we had to change our position very often. We also had some difficult situation in our group. The first one was about continuing in out trip. Because of we had to cross stream, somewhere snow was on the stream but we weren’t sure its possible use this place for crossing. So after some time if nobody did anything. I decided to try crossing the stream. I was very carefully and I used my ski poles for testing the places before to step on this. (I don’t think it was so risky because I was really carefully and the stream was small, no deep, no strong and I know that it’s possible to cross stream when a lot of snow is on it.). Eventually I crossed the stream and everything was alright. The second one was about downhill – me and Eva weren’t sure about place for downhill which we reached. There was a lot of accumulated snow on the edge – looked like a pocket full of snow… I was scary that it fell down. But Germany girls obviously expected that I tried this way because I was first. I felt again tension – It was so unpleasant. So I decided to try other safety way and did downhill at the not so steep place – I did it. Meantime girls decided to try more danger place. Downhill was short (about 5 metres) and after we continued together. We were going up, following power line which was our main clue, weather was nice and we eventually enjoyed this moment – I was happy :) . We reached the top before sunset so we watched, made pictures and enjoyed sunset above Tromso – great view and moment. :) After sunset me and Eva were thinking about staying at the top for northern light. We suggested this plan girls but in the first time they didn’t look keen on this idea… Me and Eva decided that we really wanted to stay here…and girls also decided to join us eventually. We were waiting and checking northern light forecast in nice restaurant at the top with view on Tromso. When forecast promised some chance we went outside…and….I didn’t still believe it – we saw northern light – it was amazing!!! We were happy! After this amazing moment me and Eva decided to go up on the top – Fløya but girls didn’t follow us to the top. Top of hill looked close than seemed…but it was also amazing we had nice view from top to Tromso without people :) I was really happy with this day. We went back by the cableway . I thought that experience of this day finished but NOT….we came back to our camp and when we went out from our cabin, we saw northern light again :D I couldn’t believe it…NICE! GREAT! AMAZING! Day :)

Third day – In the third we went to ski tracks close to Kvaløysletta. In the first time we passed kindergarten…It was so cool kindergarten :D children were outside on the hill and they slide down by sledge, on the ski (cross-country, downhill) they were keen on…I like this attitude in Norway when children are playing outside – they actually learn by doing :) Ski tracks were good and weather was also nice. When we reached the end of the track we were thinking about went up to the top the Finnlandsfjellet, because we have a lot of time, nice weather and our goal wasn’t to reach the top but only went this direction… But one from our group didn’t want to go up – we asked her:” why, what do you think about this plan, are you tired?”- but she didn’t say anything?… So we decided made a break, eat some food and after discussed what next…. After break we started to solve our plan…the person, who before didn’t want to continue, changed her mind and suddenly she wanted to continue to the top. So our problem was solved we continued to the top following a lot ski alpinists. But walking up in deep snow was very difficult on our ski. Other of our group decided to not continue. We agreed that we didn’t leave her alone so we continued up only 30m and after practice downhill, telemark – it was fun and person who before didn’t want to go up eventually enjoy this moment :) … Despite I was little disappointed that we didn’t go more up, it was nice day.

Fourth day – We decided for relax day which we spent in the city, because forecast wasn’t good. We visited some shops, Roald Amundsen Monument, Museum about Semi history, shop with glass blowing and saw a lot of nice places. It was interesting but for me sometimes boring – I don’t like shopping. And also I prefer nature than city. So I was still looking to direction mountains. Weather was so changeable but afternoon it was sun and we saw nice mountains around us – I wish be on the top of mountains :) .

Fifth day – This day was a little complicated, because different priorities were in our group. The plan was to try the ski tracks to the city but the weather should be nice and I really didn’t want to spent next day in the city…I wanted to be in nature :) So Eva agreed with me and we found (on the internet) some group of students from Tromso University who wanted to go top -  Kjolen so we had idea that we joined to them. We suggested this idea girls but they were without enthusiasm maybe little angry that we wanted to change our plan. So we decided to wait on the situation about weather in the morning. In the morning we checked the situation about weather – should be nice, the students wrote us that we could join – no problem… So what now… Me and Eva really wanted to go up the hill. We asked the girls… One of them wanted to join but second didn’t :( … So unpleasant situation again :( , because we couldn’t leave her alone… Eventually one girl sacrificed and stay with second girl who didn’t want to go…so we split in two groups. One should go to the city – but they also changed their plan and me and Eve joined to the group of Erasmus students who went up to the hill. We expected some group of outdoor students but it wasn’t. It was group of Erasmus students and in the first moment their clothes and equipment weren’t for the trip which they planed. Me and Eva lent snowshoes because we expected a lot of snow. So finally me Eva and one boy also from the Czech Republic led this group…because they also didn’t have snowshoes. I knew that this wasn’t good idea – to went with this group up to hill but they really wanted to, they were so enthusiasm…. So we were continuing… The snow was deeper and weather started to change…. So me, Eva and boy agreed and decided that this really not good idea…. It’s really danger and risky…. We came back with our group. After little snowstorm and break, me and Eva decided to go up and followed some ski alpinists…We said goodbye our new friends and continued with group of ski alpinists. We reached the first top Finnlandsfjellet it was wonderful – sun and white places. We were on the top with ski alpinists and kiters…I felt safety because we weren’t alone. The time was about two o’clock, so we decided made only circle on the top and didn’t continue. It was good idea because suddenly the weather changed again and we caught really strong snow storm. I realized how difficult should be orientated in the snowstorm – everything was white we moved slowly back, the wind was strong and I really recognized how useful is coretex :) . We continued to place which we passed – it was a snow hole (bury)…and we “survived” snowstorm here because it looked as if sun came soon. Yes finally really sun!…so we did exercise for keep warm our body mainly extremities and enjoyed our meal. After, lunch we went back to our camp. This day was amazing and useful. I was happy on the top and I also realized how changeable weather and strong snowstorm can be and how difficult can be orientated in the snowstorm. We expected that girls will be angry on us but they didn’t…maybe it seemed that they had positive mood and we enjoyed our evening together… I was glad because I don’t like initiate conflicts…

Sixth day – Me and Eva spent this day together again. We bought the trip to the reindeer’s farm. It was nice trip – we tested reindeer and we gave some information about reindeers and Sami culture (people).

Main points: