Group dynamic

Group dynamic

Brief theory:

Performance in the team. TEAM = Together Everyone Achieve More Group development – dynamic changing NOT FINISH, NOT STATIC, important understand these changes – recognize what’s going with group.

  • members come and go
  • the group may become more and less cohesive
  • the goals of the group may also change

Process of interaction, everybody has different personality, TIME – we get know each other better, we’re learning from each other. 1) interactions approaches 2) group level approaches. As I mentioned group development takes TIME and depend on size of group, age, gender, culture, structural features and experience.

Tuckman’s original model four stages: forming, storming, norming, performing
Roles in the group: Task oriented roles, social-emotional roles, 8 main roles (everybody feel more comfortable with some of these roles)
COHESION – part of group dynamic, like a glue (stick together by the glue), when members of a group or society are united; the total of forces affecting the members such that they remain within group; a dynamic process in a group which is reflected in the tendency to stay together and work together in a effort to achieve/ realise the set of goals or aims and/or satisfy the members social and emotional needs. team spirit, group loyalty, group togetherness, chemistry, relationship between cohesion and performance; common goal (hard success, stay be in team, confidence, force, friendship, hope, belonging “want to be belong”; social goal (stay together, instinct). Forces affecting cohesion: good friendship, good trainer/veileder, environment, attention of outside the group, possibilities of gain; Dissolving forces: whether, accident, negative critic…it depends on how strong cohesion is.
RELATIONSHIP: satisfaction – cohesion – performance success
Our group
I think that our group absolved all stages of group development and finally our group had strong cohesion. It’s obvious that our group was divided in a few groups. These group were created mainly by our accommodation, gender and interests. Other factors such as culture, language, age, experience, skills contributed on group development as well but in my point of view these factors contributed less. I think the main factors – TIME which we spent together and certain situations mainly influenced our group dynamic. I feel that me, Eva and Flo, we had great time in Norway, we got know each other very well/deeply because we spent a lot of time together and definitely we will see in the future! I mean our cohesion is excellent! On the other side I felt that we were little separated from others (mainly from group of people from Roligheden) and sometimes for me it was difficult to got involved in this group mainly after some longer time without them. But with more trips and more time together it became better and better :) and I felt more comfortable. Moreover I think that in my case my role in group was mainly about language. First time I had big problem to understand and speak with some people so I couldn’t present myself in my personality (in the start of semester everybody thought that I am calm, shy person…but its not true If I feel comfortable in the group sometimes I am very crazy and “push” the group)….and In Norway I ve realised (not only me, Eva too) importance of language not only in communication but also for how you can present yourself. “As many languages as many times you are a human being”. However If I spent more time with these people “something happened” and I started to understand and I could answer and sometimes make jokes and I felt more comfortable in our group…For example finally I love our girl’s group, everyone was so kind and when we had opportunity to live together (Ski course Evje, Randøy) I really enjoyed this time.
Now Our common time in Norway finished, That’s so pity :( …because now I feel more comfortable in our group and more confident about my English and it could be definitely better with more time and I could get know everyone more deeply. So In this part I only mention some points according to group dynamic which were important for me. I would like to summarize that in my point of view our group had/has good cohesion. Definitely this group were divided on subgroups and these groups have very strong cohesion! I suppose that these people STAY KEEP IN TOUCH maybe forever ;)
Thank you for this great time!!! Guys :)