Overnight sleep 13.01-14.01

Overnight sleep

Overnight sleep 13.01-14.01 2017

Almost all people from our outdoor group attended overnight camping in Jagersberg – park near to University. This one day trip idea had been offered by norweigein students from the same program. Three guys from norweigen class and almost all students from our AE group met up in front of a Spicheren entrance on frighday 13.01. about 2 pm. We went to some nice place in Jagersbergnear. I felt that I’m not so close to the city :) but it wasn’t true.

Next to likeWe went around the lake, up to hill and then we saw our camping place.

Everybody started to make a shelter. Me and other girls started to make the girl’s shelter…In first time it seemed to be difficult because we used two tars and we had problem to fix them in the right way…still too small place for us under tars. One of the norweigain guys gave us advice that we could use small stones or tree’s cone – put under the tar and tied a rope around them and fixed it to the branches of tree. We went to look for some stones or cones but we didn’t find nothing… So as a solution we finally used next tars and fixed it on the other side…So we made the bigger tent :) (look at the picture).

After bulding the shelter we cooked many types of food which I’ve never tried…A lot of these food was so delicious. For example banana with chocolate, swiss potatoe…Next time I must to try it mainly banana with chocolate :)

Night was cold – temperature about under zero but my new inner layer and mat worked :)

Suprise in the morning!

By morning there was a light covering of snow. It was so nice to waked up and saw snow everywhere around us :) . I wanted to use my potatoes (from ash) for breakfast but they still weren’t  be ready. Norweigen guys showed us other types of food for breakfast – looked very good..so next time will be obout fire and cooking very deliciouse food :D

Before we left our place for camping the Australian boy had made his first snowman. When we were coming back he still checked the strong of ice :D Funny boy with his first experinece with snow.