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Ellen Katrine Nyhus
Associate professor

Research interests
Economic psychology, behavioural economics, consumer behaviour, intertemporal decision making, household economic behaviour, children's economic behaviour (see also this site)

Current project: Research based Financial Councelling. Together with Anne Ryen and Anne Wenche Emblem

List of publications
See also2003 IAREP workshop on Household economic decisions: Earning, sharing, spending and investing money, 5-7th of December, 2003, Agder University College.

Judgement and Decision Making
Consumer Behaviour

Marketing and Tourism

Supervisor of Ashatu Hussein

Administrative responsibilities
Member of the Board of University of Agder
Deputy member of the board of the National Institute for Consumer Research

Siviløkonom (Equivalent of a Master of Science Degree in Business)
Teacher's training program
Cand Merc
Doctor oecon/Ph.D.
- Title of thesis: "Psychological determinants of household saving".

- Defence: October 12th, 2002


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Contacting address
University of Agder
Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

Servicebox 422
N-4604 Kristiansand

Phone: +47 38 14 15 12

Fax: +47 38 14 10 27
e-mail: ellen.k.nyhus@uia.no
Private address
Freyasdalsveien 34
N-4631 Kristiansand

Phone: +47 38 09 42 42
Mobile: +47 977 50 766

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