Assignment 10 – 13.03.17 international friluftsliv student organized trip Jegersberg

Monday, 13.03.17 trip 7 – international friluftsliv student organized trip Jegersberg

After the Oslo weekend, all of us were very tired and I think we were also a little sick of this games, because it is always somehow the same. This group thought they will do it a little different. We had some simple races at the beginning. After that there was a competition in shelter building. All the groups have to find a place and build a shelter. After a certain time, we had to present our shelter, like we would like to sell it. The organization team evaluated the shelters after having a look all together at the presentations. The problem was, that a few groups had just small tarps or other groups had more than one. It was a little random and a lot of people didn’t agree with the decision of the winner. I think it was a little difficult and for me it didn’t matter. Our group had a good time while building the shelter, even if we were glad that we didn’t have to sleep in it.

The second task was another game. It was called camouflage. Every team had to hide one person in one part of the forest. After a time, the other group form the other area had to find the hidden person. This group who found the persons in the other area first wins. I knew this game, but not with hiding persons but hiding for example colored fabric. I was the smallest person in the group, so we decided to hide me. We found a little hole where I could lay in and they covered me with a tarp and dirt, leaves and other nature material. Because I don’t really like to have not that much space it was not easy for me to stay in there. But I wanted to try it, because of the snowhole trip. It was ok for that time, because the other team found me quite fast. But I was glad that I hadn’t to stay in there much longer. It is good for me to come on my borders and I surprise myself again and again.

I was a little glad when the day was over. It was gold and we all were very tired. There was also a little to less movement during the day, even if we were glad not to play to much games.