Assignment 9 – 06.03.17 international friluftsliv student organized group dynamic games

Monday, 06.03.17 trip 6 – international friluftsliv student organized group dynamic games

The topic of this Monday was group dynamic games. We met like every week at Spicheren and walked all together to the green area at Jegersberg.

For the beginning, we played rock, paper, scissors to divide in to groups. The person who loses has to walk behind the winner hand shout the name. The winner has to play again against another winner. In the end, there are two big lines. It didn’t really work, because the groups didn’t have the same size. So, the organizer team divided the groups in counting from 1 to four.

There were four games we had to do as a group.

1. Fold tarp

The aim was, to fold the tarp as small as possible, but all of the group had to stay on the tarp. At the beginning, we had some time to discuss. I and a few others told their ideas and we chose one idea. There were others in our group, they didn’t say that much. Even though I think we had a good team work. We became another chance, because there was enough time and I had another idea which I presented. It turned out to help and we could fold the tarp a little smaller that way.

2. blind folded parkour

All of us had to find a partner in the group. Automatically most of us chose a person, they know a little better. The parkour was twice spin around yourselves, a little slalom around branches, up the hill over and under rope and crawling under a tarp. The partner was not allowed to touch, just to lead the person with the voice. Firs I was the person who leaded my partner. He knew that he can trust me and it went very good. When I was blind folded, it was a very weird feeling, but I knew too, that he will lead me and that I can trust him. We were very concentrated with our selves, so that it was not that much a game for the whole group. But we tried to support the others, when we were finished.

3. From the Titanic to the island

It was a similar game to one we played on the first overnight trip. The difference was, that no one was disabled or something like that. We got some time to talk to each other at the beginning. There were different ideas and it was difficult to decide which one is the best. Communication was not very good, because not all of the group knew what the final plan was. So we started and realized that we have to speak to each other again. At the end we found a good way to cross the ocean and we had a good time.

4. spider net

As well as game tree, this game is one of the games from the first overnight trip. That is why we did it in a very short time. We knew exactly how to transport the people to the other side. In this game trust is very important too. We carried most of the person trough the wholes and that needs trust and everybody has to allow the closeness. It is also important that people are not frustrated when for example the decision is made which person should go in which whole. It’s obvious that not the heaviest or the tallest can go over the net. I would say all in the group were felt comfortable and that was no problem.

After lunch, we played the chicken game and 21. Both games we played before, but are a lot of fun.

Because it was snowing the days before, at the area was a lot of snow. We were running a lot but had also to wait sometimes. The organizing team tuck care, that no one must freeze. They were very spontaneous and knew some games to play to keep us warm. In general, the day was very good planed and they did good group dynamic games.