Assignment 3 – 30.01.17 orienteering Jegersberg

Monday, 30.01.17 trip 3 – orienteering Jegersberg

The topic of this Monday trip was orienteering in the local area. We started the day at the same place as last week, next to the lake. This time we were again in groups mixed with the Norwegian students but not the same as last week. The first task of the day was, to find different places which were marked on the map. The organization group gave us the prepared map and we had to use the compass to come to the places. There we had to find a very small sign and take a photo of it. We had to find out, what this on the sign means for the next game. On the signs were map details, for example main road, paths, cliff, …. For every sign we knew, they give us a card with a letter. We had 3 min. time to build as much words out of it as possible. This was difficult, because we all were not that good in English. After lunch break we had four more games to do. A really where we had to run ten times around a stick and than throw stones in buckets, what was not easy when you feel dizzy. In the second game were we standing in a line with our eyes shut and had to stand faced the cardinal direction they had given us. Third game was connect 4. To teams play against each other and run to a big field. The aim of the game is, to have all four items in a line. We were quite good at this game. The last game was like a memory. We had to put map details together with the right description in a certain time.

It was the first time that I spoke with the two Norwegian students, so we didn’t really know each other before. We all are very quiet and that made it difficult to start the task right away. Nobody really wanted to lead the group, but then Niklas, as the only man, began to read the map and said where we will go first. At the way, we had good conversations and spoke about study and what we are doing in our free time. After we found the first sign we had a discussion if somebody else would like to read the map. No one really wanted but then I said that this is to practice and I was next. And after that we changed after finding the next sign. From the beginning, we had a positive atmosphere in the group. We knew we all have not that much experience with reading a map but we will give our best and have fun. As well as that, we helped and supported each other when there was a problem to solve.

In the lecture after this Monday we spoke about Belbin’s team roles and made a test who showed us, which role we might be. My result was coordinator and team worker, what I think fits very good. Eva, who was with me in the group had the same results and the last days we found out that we have quite a similar way of thinking. I could imagen, that the two others from the group are also team workers and coordinators. This made the acting in our group a little difficult. It was a to short time to find another role where we all felt good in it. I would say, that we had a good atmosphere the whole day, but that a leader was missing. We were not that effective. But at the end were we on the third place, what means that we could motivate each other enough to get a good result. We all were satisfied and had a great day.