Assignments 2 – 23.01.17 team building activities

Monday, 23.01.17 trip 2 – team building activities

This Monday, 26th January, was our second day trip with the Norwegian students. The subject of the day was team building activities. One group of the Norwegian class organized different games. We were in different groups of five mixed with Norwegian and international students. In my group were two Norwegian guys, one Norwegian girl, Berit and me.

Trygve had the lead of the organizing group and put us in the 8 different groups. After that, we walked all together to the start point, where the first task began. We walked not in our groups, what I didn’t find good. We could have used the time to get to know each other a little better.

The first task was, that we have to build a stretcher out of a tarp and what we find in the forest and carry the tallest in the group up the hill to a certain place. At the beginning, we hadn’t a good working communication. The two Norwegian guys had an idea but spoke just Norwegian with each other. Berit and me we asked what the plan is, but we didn’t really get an answer. Somehow, we found out and I tried to help. One was cutting a tree and we put it in between a special tarp. We were very fast and by far the first group who went up the hill. We had some problems because of my size. First we all hold an end of the tree and the fifth was lying on the tarp. Than we decided all together that we put the tree up on our shoulders. Than was the problem, that I was much smaller than all the others. We made a lot brakes because of me. First I didn’t dare to say that I need a break. But soon I felt very comfortable in the group and I knew that it is ok to show my feelings and my weakness. Although we had a lot of brakes we were by far the first who made it to the destination. I would say this first task brought us more together as a group. At this situation we were for sure in a forming phase where we all first have to have a look where are the others and what is my role in this group.

As well as in the first task, we did the best performance in the second. We had to build a fire and cook an egg. The egg had to be well cooked, so that the yellow part of the egg is dry. The Norwegian guys started right away to build a fire without saying what the plan is. So I asked, what I should do and told them, that building a fire is something new for me. Than they gave me a job. I found a big trunk which was almost dry. I cut the trunk with a saw what was quite severe. But it gave me the feeling I am needed and I have an important job. We were again fast and one of the first groups who could begin to cook the egg. We had different opinions, how long we must cook it that it is totally cooked. Our ideas were between 8 and 12 minutes. So, we came to a compromise and cooked it 11 minutes. The other groups were not that patient and had to start again. I came up with the idea to put the egg first in cold water before we bring it to the group who proofed it. We all agreed that this was a good idea and we won this task as well.










After lunch, we had four more tasks. The game called Kims, where different objects are shown and you must remember as much as you can. The second task was, that we have to find things in the forest which start with different initials, so that we can fulfill the ABC. Third task was a race where we had to build rick towers by running back and forth a distance rather with or without a rock.  The last task we had was, to learn a Norwegian song from our Norwegian members and prepare a performance which will be graded later.

As I can see we had a good team spirit and felt all comfortable. We were supporting each other and all of us tried to give their best. We had a positive attitude and that helped us, when we weren’t performing very good. The task with the things out of the forest we had some problems because we didn’t find the English words. But we were all satisfied after all of our games/tasks. Ant that is for me most important. And it was fun. Our performance with the Norwegian song was fun too. We were creative and tried to do something special. After all we were on the second place out of 8. We were all satisfied and happy.

This day with this different games and tasks was very good to get to know each other better. In my last assignment, I wrote that I hope we make something to come a little closer and we did.