Assinment 10 – 10.03.17 – 12.03.17 Holmenkollen weekend Oslo

For this weekend, we drove to Oslo to see the Holmenkollen ski festival. As we already know skiing is very important for the Norwegians. The aim of this trip was to see how the Norwegians celebrate the skiers and be part of a big festival, as well as see the main town of Norway. When we arrived at the campsite there were already many Norwegians setting up tents, tipis and campfire. The atmosphere was very nice and with the nice weather we could really enjoy. Because we forgot our shovels we had to ask some people to help us out and this was a chance to have a talk. It seemed like it was a competition who has the most special campsite with the most spectacular campfire. To walk along the area to see the different constructions was very interesting and impressive.

After setting up our tents we went for a little sightseeing in to town. We were not very impressed from the city. I definitely saw nicer cities before. Even though we enjoyed spending time together.

First I wasn’t sure if I shell buy a ticket for going in to the arena, because a lot of people told me that it is quite boring. But on Friday evening we decided to buy one for Saturday and that was the best decision. Watching skiing it selves was interesting for a time but the atmosphere was nice and it was interesting to see all the fans. Most of the people had flags on their faces and there were so many Poland fans who made a lot of noise in the arena. We were also very lucky with the weather and could enjoy the sun just sitting there.

All in all it was a very nice experience and interesting to see a little of the Norwegian culture.