My Lessons on Friluftsliv, Life, Laughter and Norwegian Traditions

I can’t believe how quickly time is passing. Today our third week at the University of Agder started. Within our course we learn various things about the Norwegian life with Nature. From my observation the Norwegians have a much stronger connection to nature. Most of the families go out for hikes on sundays, no matter if it rains or snows. Spending time Outdoors is deeply rooted in their understanding of life and their national identity I believe. On every Monday the Norwegian class of Friluftsliv students takes us for a day field trip. Last week it was a typical family hike in the forrest as you can read in the assignments.
Today’s trip was about group dynamics. We we were divided into groups and had to accomplish various challanges, as for example boiling an egg on a bonfire, carrying a person up a hill or learn a norwegian song.

There is always something to discover here in Norway. Since we got here we spent most of hour free time either playing cards or discovering nature. Here are a few impressions:

During the short time I have spent here I only had a few chances to pick get to know some of the Norwegian traditons. However I had the luck to witness one of the most bizarre Norwegian traditions there can be. Since alcoholic beverages, tabacco, meat and basically everything is quite expensive in Norway the Norwegians love crossing the border to go to Denmark or Sweden. Living in Kristiansand this means taking the ferry to Denmark. So the last wednesday I decided to take part and boarded the three hour ferry ride Only to run to the closest Rema 1000 in Denmark and fill up our fridge storage and then head back to the ferry. The ferry takes 3 hours each way, so this is quite a long time just to do some shopping, but however we have to adapt to the norwegian culture eh?