Week 4

International student organised orienteering activity

We organised this activity to be much harder than the previous orienteering activity. The challenge was to find checkpoints on a map that only had contour features on it. In hindsight this task was too hard for the students and we set out too many points for them to find. I had initially estimated it would take me 30 minutes to put out the controls but it took 50 minutes because i took extra time double checking they were in the right spots. I found the task more challenging than i thought it would be. As soon as i realised this and come back to meet the group timon had just set all the students off. I wish I could have timed it better so that I at least had a chance to tell the group that it was so challenging. It would have also been a good idea if emma richard and I (who set out the markers) had gone with each of the three groups as we would have known where they were. I think this activity reaally brought out some group problem solving skills and encouraged group decision making. But the challenge was too hard for the groups and they felt a sense of failure which was depressing

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