Forest Field trip Southern Norway – Troll tunga

What went well?

On Thursday, we went to sorlandsentre and brought proper hiking shoes for Jasper as well as extra gloves and socks.

what were the main problems?

Problems initially arose when two people didn’t want to go on this trip at all. They were on their phones the entire first meeting and it was really rude. So we left them behind and didnt invite them to the second meeting as no conclusion was formed from the first meeting.

Max and I couldn’t leave for this trip until Thursday because of our respective girlfriend (leoni) and boyfriend (Jasper). Kathrin, Berit and Simon went kayaking at grimstad from monday to Thursday because they didnt just want to sit around not doing anything.

Jasper arrived on Wednesday and I asked him if he wanted to come to Trolltunga and he said he had read a lot about it and was keen to come. I didnt realise that what he meant was that he had seen many epic photos but he had no idea of the hike involved.

We picked up the hire car and simon drove it back to our accomodation. Then the group decided to leave at 5pm and drive half way there and drive the rest in the morning. The problem here was that we drove much much more than half way. We stopped when it got dark at 11:30 at night. We set up camp in a carpark right next to a creek.

What would I do better next time?

Have a clearer plan before we left and not rush to leave as quickly as possible – we should have left Friday morning

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