Sea Kayaking

The first trip was a day trip up the river in the middle of Kristiansand. Len started the day off by demonstrating how to paddle whilst everyone was still standing on the land. This was done so that he could give advice and correct technique before everyone got into the water. Then once we were in he asked everyone to turn around in a circle. He then asked to paddle around a small bush of seaweed and back. By doing this he could identify who were the strong paddlers and who were the weak ones. He then could float more around the weaker ones to give more specific feedback and correct technique. We then paddled away further so that the group members could practice their forward paddling technique. We then regrouped before Timon led up to paddle onto the bank so Len could talk to all of us without having to make a raft. We then played some games such as the two outside people have to change boats. We then practiced edging and

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