Week 5

“The Mountains are our church” – Len & Tim

This week we stayed at TrollAktiv and went cross country skiing.

Holy moly I love the snow so much!

I felt like in comparison to the other group members I was one of the weakest at skiing but I’m really happy with myself for how much I learnt. This experience was a great reminder for me to not be so harsh on myself if I am not as skilful at something as my peers. One of the biggest learning experiences was whilst skiing on the second day when I felt really sad, sore and tired because my skiing technique wasn’t as good as everyone else. I felt self conscious about this and then just retreated into my shell; Instead of being my usual self I stopped making conversation and only focused on myself. I have thought about why I acted like this a lot and what I would do differently in future situations. I really believe that game and group bonding during the breaks are great ways to lift up the spirits and motivate individuals within a group. Also skiing next to a partner is a great way to n