Week 6


‘There is no other day. All days are present now. This moment contains all moments.’              - C.S. Lewis

Recently I’ve been contemplating the existence of time. You see, time is an invention similar to that of the calendar. Logically it makes a lot of sense. But in reality, I would argue that time is subjective. Certain periods of our lives feel longer or shorter than other periods. Some days it feels like only yesterday I was in high school. Perhaps a better way to measure it is by how much conscious living happens in between moments. When I think about time in the future I often slip into thinking about it much more logically; with just days, months and years. But more recently I have begun to think about the future in a similar time subjective way to how I think about the past. I day dream frequently and think about the infinite amount of things that could possibly happen in the foreseeable future. Some things in the future are probably going to come up rather quickly where others might pop up fast. The beauty of it all is that at any given time you can stop thinking about the past and the future and just focus on the present moment. Maybe all that matters is exactly what you perceive of the world in each moment.



‘you may be deceived if you trust too much but you will live in torment if you don’t trust enough’ – Frank Crane

My perspective is ever changing. Over the last 6 weeks i have really felt at times as though I have gotten to know some people really well. However, I need to remind myself that it takes a long time to get to know anyone – regardless of how ‘open’ or ‘closed’ they initially seem. I currently believe that everyone is putting on a front of some sort. No one wants show their true feelings and reactions to the things that are really personal to people they don’t trust.

Why can’t people just be real? It seems so rare… Like everyone has stories – ask about the stories they hesitate to tell