Week 8

Body language shares many similarities with writing. In your own company, you can express whatever you feel through facial expressions and body language. Like wise, when you write when you believe no one else will read you express feelings openly. In the company of other people when you don’t always want to let them know how you feel you can disguise facial expressions and body language to some extent. The same can be done when writing.

It is impossible to disguise it all and so often the little things give you away. In a perfect world the easiest way would be to not hide any feelings from strangers or friends alike.

Everyone guards themselves, including me, and alcohol encourages guards to be let down and trust. Opening up and actually having a deep conversation with another human is nice. Its nice to know that there are other people who think just as deeply. Who interact with groups of people in a similar way. In cold light of the morning though everything doesn’t feel as comfortable and the ease of conversation fades into a distant memory. The following days were filled with feelings of increased vulnerability and caution until the next drunk party or bonfire. And even then – surrounded by other people who don’t understand and only think about their superficial problems – conversation is formalised into something ‘normal’ or ‘socially acceptable.’


I hope I will re-read this post in a couple of weeks after people come back from Switzerland and understand more about whats going on :)