General Communication

“it it not possible to not communicate”

Assender – giving information

Receiver – listening and receiving information. The receiver reacts in relation to their understanding and returns a message in relation to their understanding

Use several questions in your communications – avoid giving away the answer

Common subject language and non verbal language (culture).

What is the aim and content of the message you are trying to send. Is the receiver receiving the information and do they understand.

Verbal and non verbal feedback

jungle telegraph – listening to group members when they are on breaks – aware at all times of what is going on within the group

Always try to convey what you are trying to say as simply as possible – reduces misunderstanding!

4 ears (four sides model)- different ways to send and different ways to receive. Factual, appeal, relationship, self revelation.

What, Where, Who, Why, When, how – R.Kipling

‘i have six servants. they have taught me all i know” ^^^

Driscle questioning techniques – what, so what, now what

Maybe your question is smarter than the answer your can give?