Holmenkollen Ski Festival

Holmenkollen Ski Festival 2016

This weekend we had the opportunity to travel up Holmenkollen in Oslo to the Ski festival which was held there to watch the Ski jumping/Cross-country racing. This was a great opportunity to learn a bit about the Norwegian culture, watch everybody cheer on their competing countries, experience something that I had never watched live before (only on TV); and enjoy the moment with friends! It was also interesting to watch how connected the Norwegian people were with their competitors, baring in mind their history.

Day 1

Myself, Kyle, George, Conor & Danny travelled up on the coach which dropped us off in the centre of Oslo. We decided at this point to drop off our bags at the station in a locker and use the time we had to visit the Viking museum. The museum was not the biggest but we were able to see all the historical artefacts from the Viking era, take photos and relate some of the artefacts to the ones I had seen in York. A short while after the visit to the museum we headed back to the town, where we had to get the metro towards Holmenkollen ski festival where we were eventually reunited with the other groups. Me and Danny decided to share the three-man tent, and this was a decision we made due to the amount of numbers in the group. Whilst this tent was being created, a few members of the group started to create a fire in a pit which was already created prior to us coming from other members of the public. Every member of the group gathered around the fire, exchanging jokes, enjoying everyone’s company and utilising the fire to cook food. We used the time we had in the evening to socialise with the locals who were also camping and join a party which was being held by the race track.

Day 2

On this day we had to get up in reasonable time in order to get to the race track before it got too busy. The atmosphere was electric, full of different cultures supporting their respected countries. There were numerous Norwegian supporters there waving their flags which showed me how important the sport meant for their culture. We walked for quite a bit of time until we found the perfect sport close to the railings over looking 50KM mens Cross-Country track. It was a beautiful day, the atmosphere remained at a good level and we stayed there for the best part of the day before the show jumping started! Quite a lot of people went of to the stand to purchase flags, and every time their country skid passed everyone gave them a loud cheer supporting them.

One the cross-country skiing had finished, we made are way over to the Ski jumping. This event for me was the best part of the day, watching countries compete against each other to see who could jump the furthest and watching alternate fans having banter with each other; especially with our group and the Polish! After a couple of hours of this, the event finally finished with Austria taking 1st place after a very close competition. We started to head back to camp and we came to realise that the majority of the people had packed and gone home. This was quite surprising, as it was Saturday night and we expected to have another party!! Another reason could have been the turn in bad weather that evening as it was damp and foggy. But we made another fire again and socialised around it eating food and having fun, with the odd Norwegian coming over to socialise with us reminiscing over events that went on over the day. This day was certainly eventful! We eventually packed up and went to bed later on in the evening.

Day 3

Again this was another early start where we took down our tent, packed everything away and ate breakfast before leaving for the city. Myself and Danny decided to take this time to tour around the city of Oslo and take photos before catching our bus back home to Kristiansand.