Power test (Norwegian day)

Power Test (Norwegian day)

This week was an organised task created by the Norwegian students. The Norwegians had to adapt accordingly to the group size because a few people did not turn up. Nevertheless, they did this very well and everyone was split into groups and the aim of the session was to finish the given tasks in the quickest time possible.

The day consisted of these tasks;


  1. This involved individually carrying rocks up and back down the hill and then as a team carrying a log up to the finish line. But to get over the finish line you have to get the log and all team members over a height rope in-between two trees.

2. The second task involved going to a lake and filling up a container of water using our           bodies; hands and mouth.

3. Third task was quit physically demanding and involved carrying team members up the              hill twenty times.

4. The final task was to set up a tipi and dismantle it again.

Once we have had lunch we competed in a tug of war competition. Which alone tested everyone’s physical ability, team-work skills (eg problem solving) and mental strength. Afterwards we played a game which was similar to hide and seek, but the objective is to touch the catcher whilst he is counting down from 10 and hiding in the terrain without them seeing you. Then they start from 8, then 6 and so on until everyone is caught.

This day really tested everyone’s physical ability and team work and from a cohesion point of view I think it is really improving as the weeks go on. Especially between the internationals and Norwegians as we are seeing each other on a regular basis and feel more comfortable with one another.