Team Building exercises (international day)

This week was based on tem building exercises and George, Bowen, Max and Conor were the ones to conduct these tasks. The games consisted of the shrinking island, obstacle course, spiders web and titanic. The winner was judged on the best time.

The first task that we did was the Spiders Web. This worked out really successfully for us, based on the fact that we stopped and discussed as a team the best possible way to complete this. The general idea of the game is to use every aspect of the web to get though to the other side. Our team consisted of a variety of sizes and we used this to our advantage. We ended up finishing in good time and I put this down to good use communication and preparation which is key to completing group tasks.

The next one we participated in was titanic. This involved getting your whole team across the ‘water’ only using four islands. Which proved difficult because of the group size but we considered the option of carrying some one on your back to minimize the chances of loosing. Which in the end worked out really well, but other groups started throwing snowballs at us which nearly resulted in us falling of the island, cheaters! This task again required quick on your feet planning, good communication and team-work.

The third game was an Obstacle course and this was very good for team building as this required someone to be blind folded and the other pair is to navigate you around the course; communication being imperative.

Once lunch was over we all participated in rubber chicken rounder as the day was cold and it was important to stay warm. The international students did this well as most of the tasks were physical. The day itself really contributed to improving the team’s communication and team-work which is something the international students did well to touch up on.