Day Trip 5 – 27.02.


Day Trip 5 – Power Test

This week it was about finishing different tasks in the fastest time possible. The organising group had to rearrange the teams at the beginning since not everybody has shown up.

This day we had to compete in four different tasks.

  1. To carry rocks up and down a hill on your own and then carry a log as a team up the hill
  2. To fill a bucket with water from the lake we carried with our bodies (hands & mouth)
  3. To carry team members up the hill twenty times
  4. To set up a tipi and take it down again

After lunch we competed in tug of war. At the end we played a game where we had to make our way closer to the catcher who turned his/her back towards us and counted down from ten and then turned around. If someone touched the catcher without being seen the game has been won. To avoid being seen one could hide behind trees, dips and other natural objects.

This day was about our personal fitness and strength but also about our teamwork since you must to find common tactics to make the tasks in the quickest time possible.

I personally think the cohesion between the Norwegians and Internationals has been growing further again. It was our fifth trip on a Monday already so people noticeable feel more comfortable within the group as they did in the first weeks.