Day Trip 6 – 06.03.


Day Trip 6 – Multicultural team building activities

This week all of us were surprised by heavy snowfall during the night before. Fortunately it cleared up in the morning, but it was still colder than the other recent Mondays. So the first game the organisers suggested was a warm up game with a lot of movements. A Rock-Paper-Scissor like game in a group with Giants, Wizards and Elves instead. The losers had to run to a certain line before being caught by the winners.

After that we had to participate in four different games in which the time or the best result is being noted and then added up to a final score. I was in a group with three Norwegians and two other Internationals. The price to win was a bar of chocolate.

  1. Spider web, where the whole group has to move through a web made of ropes and each hole can be used just once.
  2. Shrinking island, where the group has to fold a tarp as many times as possible without leaving it or stepping aside
  3. Blind parcour, where you have to lead a blindfolded person through a parcour just by giving commands
  4. Titanic, where the whole group has to reach an island by using little “ice floes” as a path. At all time at least one foot must touch one otherwise it would float away.

People got cold during the games sometimes so they had to run in place or to there and back for warming up again. At almost every time you could see a snowball flying. After we finished the four games we started to huge snowball fight with everybody which went on during lunch. As well during the two games we played after lunch people would throw snowballs at any time possible. So peoples concentration rather applied to hit each other with snow than focusing on the game itself, which was okay due to weather conditions and temperature. The organising group understood and didn’t intervene as they were just as into the fights.

This day was a good example for a great social cohesion within a group during bad weather conditions regarding to cold temperatures. In my personal view the atmosphere in my group as well as in the whole class was exuberant. Everybody was laid back about the competitions and just wanted to have fun. In order to manage tough situations/times being distracted by fun and a good mood or mentality can be very important.