Day Trip 7 – 14.03.


Day Trip 7 – Free choice

This Monday was organised by international Friluftsliv students. They told us they wanted to do something else with us we haven’t done in previous Monday sessions. And I can tell they did a quite good job.

At the beginning we played a little warm up game. “Linked tagging” was is called and people had their temperature raised pretty fast, because everybody was into the game and wanted to win.

Heated up, the organisers divided us into four different groups and gave us the task to build a shelter which and the presentation of it would be scored. We had five minutes to plan and thirty minutes to build it. I was in a group with Eva, Flo and two other Norwegians and we managed to set it up well. Due to our level of knowledge we were able to work together closely without any need to explain things additionally. The others did very well also, so when it came to the presentation which I had to do, I gave my best to convince the judges, personalised by the organising team, that our shelter with a cosy fireplace and other features was standing out. And although things worked out very well within our group didn’t manage to get to the podium.

Without being influenced by the previous result we were very motivated in doing the next task which was called “Camouflage”. We had to find a well-hidden spot in the woods and hide a member of our team and cover her/him up. We agreed on Flo doing this because she was the smallest in the group so the easiest to hide and cover up. We had 15 minutes for the hiding and then had to compete with the other teams which team member would be found last. We became third but we managed to end that day with quite a good attitude.

It was really fun although our expectations of the results haven’t been fulfilled. For me personally this day was a good example for a group’s social cohesion kept holding high no matter how the results might turn out.