Day Trip 8 – 27.03.


Day Trip 8 – Free Choice

The last Monday trip was one of the best. This time we didn’t go to Jegersberg but went to Baneheia, a little area in the north of the city centre. I haven’t been to this area before so it was really nice to see something new of Kristiansand, further the weather was just nice and it was really enjoyable and beautiful. Unfortunately it was just the international students since the Norwegians had their day off.

The organizing group has prepared two little games for us. One was “Zapfenkacken” which translates into “Shitting pine cones”. Two groups had to carry the cones between their legs to a bucket and let it fall into it. Run back again and the next one tries. That was a lot of fun.

For our lunchbreak we rested at a lakeside where some of us even went for a short swim.

All in all I can say that these Monday trips have been a lot of fun and they have helped to get to know all of the others better and to develop social cohesion within the group. Some have been better planned and some were very influenced by weather conditions. But I was able to experience a lot of new group dynamic games and to practice different skills like orienteering and navigation. Even making fire.