Trolltunga & Frafjord 25.04. – 28.04.

Trolltunga & Frafjord 25.04. – 28.04.

Another must-see in Norway is certainly Trolltunga. While half of our class was on the Mountain to Fjord Trip, Hannah, Timon, Kyle and me decided to be this our next destination. Additionally, we wanted to connect this with a hike at the Frafjord area.

Due to information from class mates who have been at Trolltunga couple of days before, we knew there would still be snow at Trolltunga, which we took in consideration when packing our rucksacks.

We started our hike around 15.00. The first kilometre was very steep and it was exhausting since it was still warm at this height and no wind reached us because of the densely forest. After this bit the hike turned out to be easier and flatter, therefore not as exhausting. Through deep snow, different creeks and many up and downs in the track. At kilometre six we met some people hiking in a guided group and we had a quick chat with the guide about the conditions at Trolltunga. He told us to be careful since there still was a lot of snow on the rock so it might be slippery. At kilometre eight we passed another emergency cabin and decided to leave our heavy rucksacks there and continue the rest with lighter bags.

At Trolltunga itself we spent more than half an hour with taking lots of photos and enjoying the view. It was sunny and windy at the same time and after the sun started to set we went back to the cabin to cook dinner. Refreshed after a good sleep and a nice breakfast we hiked back to the parking lot. It took us smaller time since it was mostly downhill.

The rest of the day we spent in the car to drive to Frafjord area where we also had to look for a spot to tent and had dinner.

On the next morning, we started our other hike. Ramnstoknuten was it called and it’s a 13km long hike (details can be found on The hike turned out be more difficult than the one before. Not because of many in- and declines but because of a trail which was poorly marked. So we had to use all of our navigation skills to find the way to our destination and although we surely went off the trail some times we managed to find a beautiful spot with a view over the Frafjord. We had lunch there and we even saw whales swimming in the fjord.

After a small loop on the way back we decided to go back on the same track, since the weather started to become a little rainy and cloudy. When we arrived at our tent side at Giljastølen the weather suddenly changed back again and because it was still early and bright outside we decided to visit Månafossen, a waterfall at the Frafjord. It was a short 10min hike, but a steep one. We were the only ones walking up and just as the hike before we also didn’t meet any other people.

Månafossen was very impressive and we figured it was an appropriate time for a visit since all the melting water would come down from the mountains.

On the next day, we drove back to Kristiansand. I concluded that it was a very nice trip with the other three, with no problems about planning or so and that our hikes were enjoyable. I would definitely do such a trip with them again.