I´ve already met “my” class, last week. 8th-graders in the beginning of the school year, are usually busy working out how this new environment works, wide-eyed and earnest, trying to fit in. So also 8C at my “new” school. 29 young people, with different backgrounds, baggage, and balances. Some, a little shy, others pushing to the front immediately to make sure they are SEEN. Tuesday in week 40 I´ll see them again, try to teach them, to notice them, to guide them. Sometimes that works fine, but sometimes it doesn’t.

I´d like to know the magic formula for how to make the classroom work at all times, to include everybody, never to overlook anybody, to magically impart knowledge to everybody – knowledge that sticks and expand their horizon and equip them for life and further learning.

What? There isn’t a magic formula? Bummer. I´ll try to do my best then, and let them know that I like them and believe in them. And wouldn’t it be a good idea to have lots of varied lessons, with many different aims and methods and ways of learning? I´ll do that.

Yes, definitely.

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  1. Brandon Trung Moen says:

    Magic would be quite awesome. I am sure we will be able to create and share some magical moments in-between the difficult exciting and mundane moments of the upcoming weeks. Some of the best elements of magic is the revelation of its fundamental tricks.

    I also highly approve of the comic strip and it will be interesting seeing how many of these little Calvin kids pop up in our classrooms.

  2. I guess we’d all like a magic formula, Gry, as it’s a lovely fantasy. Like Brandon, I don’t think we should just teach our subjects but share our life skills with them. If we share some of our hard-earned experience with them, it will probably help them deal with the roller-coaster they feel their lives are like at times when they are in their teens.

    Could I ask you to put Group 5 in the title of your blog? It will make it easier for Hilde to find the groups she will be commenting on.

    Good luck

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