Advanced Control and Robotics (MAS602)

The course (5 credits) takes place in the spring semester 2022 at UiA, as a block event withing the PhD-programme in Engineering and Science.

Content and strucure in brief:
The course presents a number of the selected topics in advanced control theory applied to robotic and mechatronic systems. It contains elements for the modeling and analysis of the nonlinear system dynamics as well as a detailed discussion of the control methods and approaches for the control synthesis. The course consists of the following four modules, each of that contains the lecture hours and assignments for the participants. Passing the course assumes (i) submission of four tasks (one per module) and (ii) short oral examination (subject discussion with lecturer) at the end of the course.

Module I - Dynamics and control of robotic manipulators:
Lagrange dynamics and equations of motion; independent joint control; coupled dynamics control; motion and force control.

Module II - Stability, linearization, and stabilization:
Lyapunov stability; input-output stability; stabilization via linearization; feedback linearization.

Module III - Robust control design:
Signal and system norms; robust loop shaping; small-gain theorem; H-infinity control; LMIs.

Module IV - Variable structure and sliding mode control:
Switching and variable structures; Filippov solution and sliding-modes; first- and second-order sliding mode control.

The course can be of interest for graduate students and researchers with subjects in Robotics and Mechatronics who are in touch with the control related problems. To follow the course assumes the knowledge in control theory on the MSc level of engineering studies and familiarity with Matlab/Simulink.

The classes take place in the Calendar Weeks 16 and 17 and start on April 19th in the Campus Grimstad.
The course has been already taught for 3 times (2017, 2019, 2021) at UiA by Michael Ruderman.
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