The last monday

Monday the 9th of March was our last Monday. It was organised by the boys from the international outdoor education. It was a monday with team building in focus.

The activities took place in small groups that had to collaborate and work together to complete different challenges. The games had time constraints, different communication methods and required to come up with creative solutions. It was clear to see peoples different strengths and weaknesses.

The purpose of today’s activities was to develop the Norwegian and International collaboration and create a stronger bond. It is important that the groups mix and come together and experience to go through the five stages of group development: forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. This way the group will get to its maximum performance and work together as a strong unity. We want to avoid social loafing and obtain as much learning and good experiences as possible.


The organisers of the days activity was very well thought trough. They were prepared and organised, making the experience enjoyable. However, I think that some of the activities lacked participation of all individuals resulting in passivness from some participants. A feedback to the organisers and to myself in the future is to always have Maximum Individual Performance (MIP) in mind to keep everyone busy and entertained.