Hi there!

My name is Anna Schmidt, 25 years old and from Germany. Back home I’m studying in a small and lovely town called Heidelberg, in the south of Germany. I do sports and biology for becoming a teacher.

I came to Norway to study outdoor education because I want to extend my skills in living outside and in handling in different circumstances in new surroundings. I´m a winter- and summerkid. I like snow and cold fresh air as well as the sun and warmth. Nature means a piece of freedom to me. A place where you can relax and have clear thoughts as well as fun and do lots of sports. I really enjoy hiking anywhere and surfing in the ocean. I also want to improve myself in climbing here in Norway.
I´m very curious to learn and experience new kinds of sport like canyoning or cross country skiing and can’t hardly wait!

I will keep you updated! 😉