Fjord to sea trip (26 – 29 April)


Sunda yevening we all (the half of the group that was doing the trip this week) went to the garage to load up the car and get our gear. We picked up our water gear, climbing gear and loaded the canoes.


We drove with the bus to Bygland. There we started with learning some basic paddling techniques and getting used to being in a canoe. After that we started our trip on the Byglandsfjord. It was nice to be in the water and we were also very lucky with the weather (for all the days). It was sunny and there was just a little wind and almost no waves on the water. The fjord is really beautiful and after some paddling we camped for the night on an island. I slept for the first night in my hammock and I slept so good!


We paddled further to Troll Aktiv. We had a lot of time that day, so we weren’t in a¬†hurry. We did a long lunchbreak on an island and sunbathed there for some time. I really enjoyed paddling down the fjord! Finally at Troll Aktiv we slept in teepees. This night I had it pretty cold (like everyone), what was a bit weird thinking about the other night where I slept so good.



Today we switched up our activities and we biked to Kilefjord, where we were going climbing, but not before a stop at a famous bakery in Evje! Finally arrived at the¬†climbing spot we looked a bit around and did some tope rope climbing and abseiling. The abseiling was in the first moment a bit scary, because you had to just ‘walk’ over the cliff, but it was really cool to do! After that we chilled together with the group and went to bed (me again in my hammock).


Last day already again! We biked back to Kristiansand. It was a nice biking track, that was mostly unpaved and took us through some nice spots.