Randoya trip (31 May – 2 June)

Our last trip! Because of corona we couldn’t go together with the Norwegian class, so we only went from Monday until Wednesday noon. That was a bit sad, but we were glad that we could go and with our whole class together, because of the rising numbers in Agder.




Let’s go to Randoya! We took first the bus and after that the boat and some kayaks. I¬†went with a kayak to the island. It was fun to be again on the water. We settled in the houses divided in our groups and after that it was time for our first activity. My group and me had rowing. It was a really chill activity we rowed a bit and chilled on an island close by. When we wanted to leave we first had to search for the dog from our teacher, because he went to investigate the island. We didn’t row always straight and against the current it was also a bit working. In the evening we had a little history tour around Randoya (war history – bunker) and after we threw the fishing nets out with our rowing boats. We were all excited to see the next morning if we would have caught something. This evening Elena and me looked for a good spot to put our hammock up. We decided to just put it up close to the path, because the island was full of ticks! In the night I always had the feelings that they were crawling on me, so not that good of a night sleep.


In the morning we rowed early out to get our nets back in and see if we caught some fish. We had in total six fishes!! Two flat fishes and four codfishes. The teacher showed us how to kill, clean and cut them up, after that we did it ourselves. So for dinner our own caught fishes were planned! In the morning we went kayaking. It was cool to kayak on open sea, but also more work. The waves hit your kayak hard, so you have to keep paddling to not get catched by the waves and drift off course. In the afternoon we drove with a motorboat. This was also nice, but not that spectaculair. In the evening we came together with the whole class, ate all the fishes we catches (they ware delicious!) and made it a cozy evening with singing, the gituar and the ukelele. This night I slept outside, because I wanted to have a better night sleep, than the last night.


Wednesday we had our last activity: biology! It was a lot of fun to learn more about plants and seafood. We also tried a lot, which was nice, for example some plants, some shellfish, snails etc. Yeah I ate a snail! After that we went back to Kristiansand, after cleaning everything.