Monday Trip II

Blog II

This blog is about the second Monday trip we got to do with the Norwegian course.

We walked to the nearby fireplace and had more something like a social hang-out with a lesson than an actual trip. We were divided into small groups, internationals teaming up with Norwegians and given a tarp and a rope. Our task was to set up the tarp using only belongings we had on us as well as material we’d find in the woods around us. The tarp should give the best possible protection from wind, rain and coldness and of course fit the whole group while also being comfy. Extra points for creativity would be given as well. The ones who had experience setting up a tarp were told not to help too much and rather let the internationals gain some experience and try out. Immediately every group would look for a suitable spot, which basically meant finding trees with an appropriate distance and started. We first discussed how we basically want to set up the tarp and agreed on putting the rope pretty high between two trees and just putting the tarp over the rope and tying it to the ground on both sides. On the backside, it would reach all the way to the ground while at the front it was half-opened. We luckily found some already tied together sticks and covered with them the side wind was blowing from. When the tarp was all set up we still had a couple of minutes left, so we built a fireplace with big rocks at the side facing away from the tarp in order to reflect the heat of the fire into the tarp. We decorated the tarp with leaves and moss we found and it was done.

After the time was over, we gathered all together to walk from tarp to tarp and grade them from 1-10. We learned about benefits of setting the tarp higher, so that everyone can be comfy in it against setting it lower, making it more protective against the weather but also less comfortable to fit everyone underneath it.

Some of us seemed to have difficulties and hesitations criticising the other group’s tarps. But after a lot of discussing we managed to grade all of them. Our tarp was criticised for not being overly coldness protecting, which was true. It was therefore pretty comfortable for everyone to sit in. We ended up with 8 points which was not the best but a decent score.

After this activity, we lit up a fire and had lunch together. We wrapped up the session by reflecting on the group activity. It was pointed out that some could not handle criticism  so well and tried to find explanations for what could be improved at their tarp.

All in all, in was a lovely session and I think most of us learned a bit.