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Portrait of Terje Gjøsæter

Dr. Terje Gjøsæter (M) is an Associate Professor at the Department of Information Systems (IS) at the University of Agder, and is an active member of their cross-disciplinary Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM). He also holds a 20% position as associate professor in Universal Design of ICT at the Department of Computer Science at Oslo Metropolitan University. His current research focus is divided between Cybersecurity in Critical Infrastructure and Universal Design of ICT for Emergency Management. He completed his PhD at University of Agder in 2015, on design principles and usability of meta-modelling tools. His research interests include such diverse topics as universal design and accessibility, cyber-security, usable security, privacy, eHealth, computer language theory and metamodeling. He has published over 40 peer-reviewed articles and conference papers across these topics, and has experience from several EU projects including the FP6 EIAO IST on web accessibility assessment (2004-07) project from 2004 to 2007, the FP7 PRECYSE project on security of critical infrastructures (2012-14), and FP7 SEMIAH project on design and development a scalable, secure and privacy- preserving energy management infrastructure for aggregation of households in the smart grid (2014-16). Since 2016, he has been involved in a series of smaller projects on Cybersecurity in Critical Infrastructure, and the ongoing UDICTEM project – Universal Design of ICT for Emergency Management.