Assignment 4

Assignment 4

Biking trip to Lindesnes

  • When: 04-21.04.2021
  • Where: Lindesnes
  • What: 3 days biking from Kristiansand to the southest point of Norway
  • 3 words, that describe the experience the best: up&down, lighthouse, sleeping at the beach
  • My Orange (best moment): bonfire at the beach
  • My Lemon (worst moment): rain in the night
  • What i want to improve on: being patient!


We decided to combine two biking groups and so we were a group of 7. We met three days before and planned the trip: 70-80km per day, sleeping places, grocery stores, what to pack…every trip it  it feels easier to organise and pack for a trip.

We started our journey to reach the southest point of Norway on Monday at 10am. We chose the more beautiful way along the coast line instead of the straight way to Underoy. The group dynamics during the whole trip were really good: we waited for each other, made breaks, changed the positions in group, cheered each other on…it was amazing to bike along the coast line and discover little colourful villages and rocky beaches. After 90km and a loto of ups & downs we arrived at Underoy. We reached a farm at the end of the street and spoke to a famer who owns  a lot of farm land there and he told us about the problems that arose in the last years of too many tourists and the missunderstanding of allemansretten (camping is only allowed in the forest and not on farm land). It was really interesting to talk to an inhabitant about this topic! He told us about two beaches with toilets, that got built up for tourists by the country. It felt like in paradise: cooking at the beach and falling asleep with the sound of the waves.

At the next day aroung 2 pm we reached the lighthouse in Lindesnes!! I have been there before but it was even more special to get there with your own man power. We took photos and ate lunch on the big rocks with a view on the unlimited sea.

We took the same way back to Mandal, bought groceries, filled up our  bottles and went to toilet. A biking trip is definitly more luxucous than hiking or skiing in the pure wilderness. We found  a beautiful beach, cooked, made a bonfire (finally!! I always wanted to make a bonfire at the beach) and slept all the next to each other on the tarp. We checked the weather forecast the day before but at 5 am it suddenly started raining. I felt the rain drops on my face and i hoped it’s a nightmare but suddenly Thomas started shouting: „guys it’s raining!“ We checked the rain radar again and deciced to save our down sleeping bags by bulidng up both tents. We were suprised how fast we can acutally build up the tents now (Len would have been proud 😊).

At the last day we wanted to treat ourselves for the hard work and chilled for two hours in the sun and drank coffee in Mandal. We could really feel our upper legs on the last 20km home (i really like the feeling of sour legs) and i always enjoy coming back to Kristiandsand, our home!

It was such a nice trip with a lot of sun, beautiful landscape and good bikes! I’m really hyped now to discover more of Norway with my race bike!