Overnight field trip

There is a huge amazing area called Jegersberg in Kristiansand. That place is full of woods and mountains and several opportunities for hiking and taking a trip. My class had an overnight trip there on the last day of January.

It was my first overnight trip in my life. I had some overnight experiences in tent before but those happened in my country where the weather conditions are totally different from here in Norway. Those nights were also comfortable and familiar outside because I spent the night in our own garden next to our house. That made the night so friendly because I could have changed my mind and gone into the house to sleep inside in case of emergency. But this night was different because I knew I have no choice and it made me so excited.

We were informed about campfire so some of us could have brougth some firewood and food to cook. Food which is not for cook was brought as well in case we could not have made fire there. However, we had a storm kitchen so we could have made hot dinner in the nature.

We were walking to the camp place when I had some interesting conservation with my classmates. We were talking about daily habits related healthy lifestyle and training. I heard a lot about traditional foods and student activities of other countries. I also learned some theoretical knowledge about outdoor activities which can be useful in the future.

After a short walking we arrived to the camping place. Firstly, we had to set up the tent and place our stuffs in the tent because of the rainy weather. Everything was wet so we tried to protect all of our backpacks and stuffs.

When we finished we started to play some games. We played in groups. Students from the same country were in one group and each group presented a traditional game which had to be dynamic, cognitive and also funny. All groups got a score and the winner could choose some ingredients for the dinner. Our game was amoebae and we got a really high score for that so we could chose some really nice foods. We have learnt about the most important nutrition so we chose chicken, potato and broccoli. We used a storm kitchen to make our dish and finally it was really nutritious and delicious. It contained lots of protein, carbohydrates and also fiber.

After dinner some of us went to a short walking at the near area. It was a good idea because it helped us to stay warm. In the camp some guys made fire. I have never done this before and I was surprised to see how easy to make fire. However, it was more difficult to keep burning. Finally, we had a big fire and started to feel hot and comfort in the middle of the night. After a while I started to feel really sleepy so I went to sleep in the tent.