Trolltunga trip

At the beginning of May, we had a couple of free days so we could have planned a field trip. We decided to travel to Røldal and visit Trolltunga. After this, we also wanted to go to Lysebotn to visit Kjeragbolten. I was really excited about visiting Trolltunga because I have already heard a lot about this famous place before. Also one of my friend came to visit me in March and we planned to travel there but that would have been too risky because of the weather and environmental conditions. In May, it was still quite early to visit it because the season starts in June when a lot of tourist plan hiking there. However, there were not any problems during the trip and we did it!

We travelled to Røldal by car on Monday. I was travelling with my two Hungarian classmates, Lilla and Zsófi. It was the trip of the Team Hungary in Norway. 🙂
Lilla is an experienced driver so she drove us to Røldal. We didn’t start early but around 1200 because getting there was the only plan for Monday. Driving there took 5 hours anyway. We arrived around 1800 and stayed at the AirBNB accommodation which we had found online before. Our host was lovely and really helpful. He suggested us some more places which are worth to visit in Norway. We had really nice stay there.

On Tuesday morning we got up early and had a short breakfast. We packed a daypack with food, drink and some extra clothes. I also packed my first aid kit and sun cream. We started at 0700 because we needed to get the start of the Trolltunga hike. It was 1 hour away from Røldal by car. When we arrived there, a lot of tourist was preparing and waiting for their leader, even though it was not in the season. Probably they also had an organized trip but in a big group. We parked there and then started the hike around 0800.

It is a 10-hour tour so I was really excited about that long hiking. I have never had a trip like that before so it was also a big challenge. It was quite easy at the beginning because we were walking on a road which was built for cars. There is another parking closer to the top in case someone wants to drive up there. We could have saved time if we would have driven up but it was closed this time. So we were walking up around 4 kilometers. The weather started to be really nice and it was supposed to be sunny all day.

After the first 4 kilometers, finally the real tour started. We got the real nature where was no manmade road anymore. It was beautiful. Then I realized why the season is in June. Most of the path was still snowy and wet. I imagined there was 3-meter-high snow few weeks ago. It was incredible that it melted. It was still melting so our boots got wet. Especially, we were crossing rocks, streams, hills and also valleys. We crossed two bridges, too, which were amazing in the middle of the field. The weather was getting warmer and warmer. Finally, we preferred to hike in top and short. I was upset about I had no bikini because I would have been definitely wearing it! It was really sunny so I put sun cream on my face and shoulders. I had to repeat it in every 30 minutes because the UV was really strong. Sometimes we had short breaks to drink and have snacks. However, we had a long lunch break when we finally got the top.

The view was incredible and wonderful. I have seen a lot of pictures of Trolltunga but it was more beautiful in real. Of course, we also took thousands of photos there. We had to wait for taking photos because there was a line. It was crazy! So many people visited Trolltunga that day, even though it was out of season. We took on our Erasmus shirt and took some photos in that, too. I was so excited about showing them to my family and friends. It was also sunny on the top and even warmer. We were having a long break and lunch. Probably it was the most amazing place where I have ever had my lunch. We decided we will come back here once again.

On the way back we were burning, even though we put sun cream on our body. I had hot tea left in my thermos so I could have melted snow for drinking. It was a really good idea. The way back was also enjoyable and wonderful because of the nice weather. We had some short breaks again. We were quite tired and exhausted after that long tour. When we got the road, we were so happy about the last 4 kilometers. It was not hard work anymore since it was downhill. After the tour, we decided to go swimming in the lake. It was really cold but still amazing. We got fresh there and drove back to Røldal.

I was so proud of the girls and also myself because we completed the trip successfully. The only mistake we made was we lost a foam mat. It was Zsófi’s mat and she brought it to have in emergency case. We left it behind us for a while on the top and the wind was so strong. Then the mat was gone. By the way, it was a great experience to visit Trolltunga. The tour was 28 kilometers and we made it!

On Wednesday we wanted to visit Kjeragbolten as we planned. However, the road was closed because of depth snow conditions. It was a big disappointment because we were really in hiking. We didn’t find any information about this situation online, so we decided to drive home and come back next time.