Already March! Halfway through the semester! This month I also went on two trips: a winter trip and a trip during the easter break to Bergen and Stavanger. For both of the trips I’m going to make a seperate blog post.

The weeks before the trips we had, like always, an alternation of theoretical and practical lessons. In the theoretical lessons we learned about children and nature, grouproles, public health and so on. We also had a discussion about how you see yourself as a veiledner (leader) and made presentations about the Holmenkollen ski festival. Normally we would go there, but because of covid the festival is canceled.

In the practical lessons we did a lot of fun stuff. What was also really nice is that we switched the groups more up again, instead of staying in the same groups over and over again. For the theorical lesson about children and nature we also went outside to go back to our childhood and play with everything nature gives us. We also learned about bush craft. We build shelters with a tarp and without, so only with twigs and everything the nature could give us. This resulted in a lot of cool results and decent shelters!

We had an other lesson about map and compass, but then given by classmates, who know a lot about this topic. The lesson was a full daytrip, where we all learned to guide the group with our map and compass and how to locate ourself. The last thing we did was rock climbing. We learned first all the safety stuff and after that we just had fun climbing and belaying each other.

The weekends were again filled with nice hikes (for example to the Inverted Boat), fun birthday parties, playing and sitting outside, game nights and knitting (the new class hype)!

Weather update: A mix between rain and spring weather. Nice for the climbing but not so nice for the cross country skiing.

COVID-19 update: ‘lockdown’! The numbers are rising so some places closed down again and a mouth mask is again obligated in public places.