Trip Bergen – Stavanger ( 28 March – 3 April)

I went with 3 other girls, Elena, Mira and Pauline on a trip during our easter break. We went to the West coast of Norway, specific to Bergen and Stavanger. It was really nice!


We all wanted to do some nice hikes during our trip, but also visit the city a bit. We all searched some nice stuff up and shared our ideas. After that we hired a car. This time I was one of the drivers. The second driver was Mira.

Sunday 28 March:

Go time! We picked up the car and drove all the way to Bergen. This took us the whole day, where we drove through so many different landscapes, snow, valleys, mountains… (9 hour drive). We parked our car and went to our hostel, where we were going to stay for three nights.

Monday 29 March:

Time to discover Bergen city! We walked around the city and saw a lot of nice stuff, like some nice parks, famous streets (Ytre Markeveien – white houses and Bryggen – colourful houses), some cool street art, some churches and the Bergenhus fortress. After that we walked up mountain Floyen. We took the main path up and enjoyed the really nice view. We hiked a bit around on the top and then went down with another path. The hike down was really nice, because we didn’t take the main path. It was all a bit more adventurous and more in nature.

Tuesday 30 March:

Today was the day with the worst weather of the whole trip. Rain, rain and rain. We decided to go for an hike in a forest (Hordnesskogen), because there we would be a little bit more protected from the rain. We made the hike more nice by doing some geocaching. After a semi nice hike, we went back to the city centre and went to a local bakkery to drink something and visit some souvenir shops, where I found already one souvenir for someone! We also did all our groceries and food preparing, because on thursday, friday, sunday and monday the grocery shops would be closed, becuase of Easter.

Wednesday 31 March:

Today we left Bergen and went on our way South, in the direction of Stavanger. We stopped on our way to hike up the mountain Bruviknipa. We read that this was a really nice hike to do, so we were very excited! Our expectations were rewarded! It was a really nice hike with beautiful views, but also not an easy one. In the beginning we had to go through a little swampy area. Good that we had our gaiters! Also when we were close to the top of the mountain there was still snow. Luckily there were some footprints from other previous hikers that we could follow. That made it easier for us. On our way back we also did a little detour, not lost oh no just a little short cut ;). Back at the car we decided to book an airbnb for that night. Mira had a bad stomach and did prefer not to stay in a tent. Normally we would now only stay in our tent, because the bad weather was over, but because of Mira her bad stomach we decided to sleep in airbnbs or other cabins for the rest of the nights. This night we found an airbnb in the middle between Bergen and Stavanger. We stayed with an old lady, who was very friendly. We arrived pretty late and got to know her a little before we went to bed.


—- search the red cabin —

Thursday 1 April

After breakfast with the nice lady we were back on our way. Today we visited the famous ‘preikestolen’. It’s a cliff. It was a really nice hike up, that took us a bit less then two hours. It was quite busy, but the hike was still pretty nice. It was not just tarmac, more walking up and over rocks. We took some nice pictures at the preikestolen and ate something, before we went back down and drove to our next airbnb.

Friday 2 April:

Today we visited Stavanger. At first I was not that excited about this city, because I didn’t find a lot to see, but after seeing the photos of the other who already been here I got my hopes up. Sadly it was like I first thought, not so special (maybe also because everything was closed), but we made the best out of it! We visited the harbor, the chruch, some famous streets (Ovre Holmegate – colourfull houses and Gamle Stavanger – white old houses). After that we went to a local park and chilled there for some time in the nice spring sun. We drove already away from Stavanger and stayed in a nice simple little cabin, on our way back to Kristiansand.


Saturday 3 April:

First thing in the morning we dropped Mira of at Trollaktiv, because she joined the introduction weekend for maybe an intership or work opportunity there in the summer. After that we did a little hike close to Trollaktiv in Evje and ate outside our lentil stew before we drove back and went home.